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Victoria Rollins

The motherboard and CPU are two critical components of a computer system, each with its own set of responsibilities.

The motherboard serves as the main circuit board of the computer, providing the platform for various components to communicate with each other. Its responsibilities include:

1. Component Integration: The motherboard integrates various hardware components such as the CPU, RAM, GPU, storage drives, and expansion cards.

2. Power Distribution: It distributes power from the PSU (Power Supply Unit) to the connected components.

3. Data Communication: The motherboard facilitates data communication between different components through buses like SATA, USB, PCIe, and others.

4. BIOS/UEFI Management: It hosts the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) firmware, which initializes hardware components during system startup.

5. Expansion Slots: The motherboard provides slots for adding additional components like graphics cards, sound cards, and network cards.

As for the CPU (Central Processing Unit), its responsibilities include:

1. Processing Instructions: The CPU is the brain of the computer, executing instructions and performing calculations for running applications.

2. Control Unit: It contains the Control Unit, which coordinates and manages the execution of instructions.

3. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): The ALU performs arithmetic and logical operations, such as addition, subtraction, and comparisons.

4. Cache Management: The CPU manages various levels of cache memory to store frequently accessed data and instructions for faster processing.

5. Clock Management: It synchronizes and controls the internal operations of the CPU through a system clock.

In summary, the motherboard acts as a central hub connecting all hardware components, while the CPU processes instructions and performs calculations to execute tasks. Both components are essential for the proper functioning of a computer system.


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