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OCU C)NP A Week 02 Devotion

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      Manny Varela


      While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” Matthew 17:6

      With the ever-growing presence of internet media, we have many voices that contend for our attention. These voices passionately focus on politics, academics, scandalous events, as well as social-economical problems.

      These voices tend to shape our opinions, the way we think, and the people we often become. Although there is temporary value to stay abreast of current events, there is eternal value to listen to the voice that said,

      This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear him.”


      My friend, God is speaking: do you hear His voice? If not, perhaps His voice has been drowned out by the many voices you may be exposing yourself to; social platforms, news media, and online entertainment channels.

      God has a message for you. “This is my beloved Son, hear Him”. Are you ready to hear Him? God is speaking, “hear Him.”

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      Amy Hastings

      I hear God’s voice everyday, even if I am also hearing others. God’s voice is strong and very well heard within me, everything I do in my day is based off of God’s words. God is very powerful in my life and he tells me what I should be doing even if it is not with words but by movements or actions I see within my day. God is the main importance in my everyday life since I believe that this is the path he chose for me, so I believe that everything I do reflects on what I hear God saying to me. So yes, I have always been ready to listen and to hear God’s words towards me like I said sometimes it is not even words I need to hear to know what the right thing to do is because the signs are everywhere if you look for them.

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      Ashly Jackson

      I hear God’s voice when I am in any kind of struggle, depression, and in praying. God’s voice helps me to find a solution for my struggles or in any way going through tough times. I am hearing God’s voice because I am close to God. Many times, Scriptures describes God speaking to His people through a voice, an angel, or a dream. He even writes on a wall in one account (Daniel 5). So, it is natural to want to hear God’s voice or see a big sign that will help you feel confident in God’s direction. People will experience confusing circumstances. Sometimes you might just want God to send you a text message to tell you what to do. You feel far from God and want Him to reach out to reassure you He is still there. You have heard people say the God of the Bible is personal, but you have never interacted with God before and wonder how to begin.

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      God’s voice is not one that I can say I hear clearly and plainly. God has communicated things to me previously but I have yet to hear His voice fully. Maybe I do allow the voices of others to drown Him out. This is something I should change as I mature in life and in my faith. I would like to hear God’s voice in my life. To have His guidance show me the right paths to take would bring me great comfort. I know that God speaks to people in different ways, maybe I am just not listening for the right form of calling to answer to.

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      Aaron Elliott

      I have come to the realization that many media outlets have one thing in common, and that is the pursuit of money, through one means or another. I take many opinions with a grain of salt but rely on my own beliefs and feelings. These beliefs come from the morality of the Bible and what I beleive to be the best for my wellbeing and those around me, based on the Bibles teachings.

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