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      Hello. Welcome to Week 5. This is your last week of the course. I hope you’ve learned a lot and most importantly are taking Jesus with you everywhere you go.

      Below is a Billy Graham devotion and what is due this week.

      . . . we can come to the Lord with perfect assurance and trust . . .
      —1 John 3:21 (TLB)
      The Bible teaches that faith will manifest itself in three ways. It will manifest itself in doctrine—in what you believe. It will manifest itself in worship—your communion with God and the fellowship of the church. It will manifest itself in morality—in the way you live and behave. . . . The Bible also teaches that faith does not end with trust in Christ for your salvation. Faith continues. Faith grows. It may be weak at first, but it will become stronger as you begin to read the Bible, pray, go to church, and experience God’s faithfulness in your Christian life. You will learn more and more how to rely on Christ for every need, in meeting every circumstance, and every trial.

      Week Five


      Watch lessons 16 through 18 videos.  Review corresponding E-Book lessons.


      Week 5 Discussion Questions
      Submit your initial post to discussions forums by day 4 of the week, midnight (Eastern Time). See the discussion forum rubric in your syllabus as to requirements for posting.

      Week 5 Devotional
      As to the devotional, the initial post is due by day 7 at midnight EST. Replies to fellow students encouraged but not required.


      End of chapter quizzes 16 through 18.

      Final Exam

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