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1. Select the course that matches the identifier on the Live Class Schedule. EX. CISRM240101
The identifier = Certification Name (CISRM) + Start Date 2024/01/01

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4. You will receive an email from that will contain the voucher for the student’s materials redeemable for the product listed in the details below.

5. Forward the voucher to the ATC to distribute to their student.

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Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Additional information

Distributor 3500 Level

Mile2 C)CSA 20240311, Mile2 C)CSA 20241021, Mile2 C)CSO 20240325, Mile2 C)CSO 20241021, Mile2 C)DFE 20240122, Mile2 C)DFE 20240429, Mile2 C)DFE 20240812, Mile2 C)DFE 20241104, Mile2 C)IHE 20240219, Mile2 C)IHE 20240826, Mile2 C)ISSO 20240429, Mile2 C)ISSO 20240610, Mile2 C)ISSO 20240805, Mile2 C)ISSO 20240930, Mile2 C)NFE 20241007, Mile2 C)PTC 20240226, Mile2 C)PTC 20240617, Mile2 C)SWAE 20240115, Mile2 C)SWAE 20240408, Mile2 C)SWAE 20240715, Mile2 C)SWAE 20240930, Mile2 C)TIA 20240212, Mile2 C)TIA 20241028, Mile2 PTBC 20240325, Mile2 PTBC 20240603, Mile2 PTBC 20240923, Mile2 PTBC 20241111


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