Mile2 Cybersecurity Certifications

Cybersecurity Certifications

Earn 7 Cybersecurity Certifications!


The Perfect Course Pack to Start a Cybersecurity Career in Management, Responce or Recovery

Mile2 C)SA1&2

Security Awareness
1 & 2


C)HY plus C)OST

Hardware Tech
Operating Systems

C)NP Certified Network Principles ultimate combo


C)SP Certified Security Principles ultimate combo



Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Cyber Range

Courses included are:

C)SA1 Certified Security Awareness 1 badge

Security Awareness 1

Perfect for beginners to information security. This course covers key principles for keeping your electronic information secure.

C)SA1 Certified Security Awareness 1 badge

Security Awareness 2

Expanding on Security Awareness 1, this course covers strategies for developing a cybersecurity awareness culture at work and how to manage a breech should it occur.

Information Technology Principles

Students will learn competencies such as how to Utilize a computer, its hardware, database, and network.

C)HT Certified Hardware Technician badge

Hardware Technician

Learn the ins and outs of the hardware that makes an information system work. Topics include servers, computers, and remote devices.

C)OST Certified Operating Systems Technician badge

Operating Systems Technician

An operating system is the heartbeat of any information system. Discover the different types of operating systems, and how to manage them.

C)NP Certified Network Principles badge

Network Principles

Network knowledge is necessary to secure any information system where more than one device has access to the information. Learn how virtual and server based networks are managed and maintained.

C)SP Certified Security Principles Badge

Security Principles

The Certified Security Principles, C)SP, course is going to prepare you for security across the entire environment including understanding risk management, identity and access control, network and data security.


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