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Professional Ethical Hackers

*  You do not have to purchase the Professional Ethical Hacker course in order to take the CPEH certification exam.

Why the C)PEH ?

The Professional Ethical Hacker course will prepare you to take the CPEH Certification Exam.

You will learn the hacking tools and techniques you need combat hacker breeches and conduct legal penetration tests for an organization.  The goal is to help you think like a hacker in order to thwart and quickly react to attacks.

cpeh certification

What Will the C)PEH Certification Exam Cover?

The list below is a overview and not meant to be a comprehensive review of all test items.

To view the outline for the Professional Ethical Hacker course visit:

  • Linux Fundamentals

    Core Concepts, Commands, Shell and other items

  • Protocols

    Network Models, Protocols &Services

  • Cryptography

    Cryptography, Encryption, Hashing

  • Social Engineering

    Social Engineering Types, Phishing

  • Reconnaissance

    Port Scanning, Tools, Banner Grabbing, Enumeration

  • Server Hacking

    Server uses, Exploits, Tools

  • Hacking Web Technologies

    OWASP Top 10, SQL Injection, XSS

  • Password Cracking

    Tools of the Trade, Countermeasures

  • Malware

    DOS & DDOS, Viruses, Backdoors, Ransomware

  • Information Gathering

    What, Where, How, and With What Tools

  • Network Attacks

    Sniffing Techniques, Hijacking

  • Security Devices

    Security Elements, Security Appliances

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    What is it? Tools, Internal and External Testing

  • Hacking Wireless Networks

    Wireless, Mobile, IoT Technologies, Techniques and Countermeasures

How Will the Professional Ethical Hacker Course Prepare Me for the CPEH Certification Exam?

All areas of the CPEH certification exam will be covered through either the Live Class or Self-Study Option.

Additionally, Mile2 provides a comprehensive learning environment that includes:

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification


Easy to Use Learning Management System

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification


With our MACS LMS you can easily navigate through your courses, videos, labs, and practice exams.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Instructor-Led Videos

Available for Both Live Classes and Self-Study Courses.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

24/7 Access

Whether you choose a Live Class or a Self-Study option, you will have unlimited access to instructor guided videos for each chapter of your course.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

24/7 Access

With Your Free Account

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Cafe - Home - Work

View your workbooks, videos, lab guides, and exam prep guides anytime, anywhere you have internet access for a full 12 months.

Cyber Range

Cyber Range

Hands-On Labs

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

GHOST Pen Test App

Our Live Cyber Range powered by our exclusive Ghost Penetration Testing Application provides real world practice for each and every chapter we cover.

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Unlimited Practice Exams

Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

"Practice Makes Perfect!"

Get familiar with our exam structure while testing your knowledge throughout the course.

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What Type of Jobs Could I be Qualified for?

Salary data is pulled from  Several factors like experience and location affect salary potential. 

Network Security Engineer

Annual Salary Potential: $128,000

IT Security Administrator

Annual Salary Potential: $149,000

Cyber Defense Analyst

Annual Salary Potential: $117,000

Vulnerability Assessor

Annual Salary Potential: $83,000

Solutions Architect

Annual Salary Potential: $159,000

Certified Ethical Hacker

Annual Salary Potential: $128,000

Cyber Security Engineer

Annual Salary Potential: $138,000

Penetration Tester Lv.1

Annual Salary Potential: $85,000

Information Security Admin

Annual Salary Potential: $117,000

Risk and Security Auditor

Annual Salary Potential: $83,000


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