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C)CSFO: Certified Cybersecurity Framework Officer (ER)

The Mile2® Certified Cybersecurity Framework Officer – C)CSFO This course prepares an organization to understand, utilize, and implement the CyberSecurity Framework (CSF) to enable a secure information systems infrastructure and maintain compliance within any DoD infrastructure. This framework provides common language for understanding, maintaining, and expressing cybersecurity risk to all […]

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C)ITP: Certified Information Technology Principles (ER)

The Mile2® Certified Information Technology Principles – C)ITP certification course, is intended for anyone interested in learning computer fundamentals and IT Security. The C)ITP provides essential technology competencies and enhances foundational IT skills to improve students’ job performance. Students will learn competencies such as how to Utilize a computer, its […]

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IS18 Controls (ER)

The Mile2® IS18 Controls – IS18 certification course is intended for anyone interested in learning effective information systems governance and management. This 4-day training course focuses on the implementation and analysis of the IS18 Top Controls. These controls have been identified as critical by leading government and private organizations with expertise in […]

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C)WSE: Certified Wireless Security Engineer (ER)

A Wireless Security Engineer designs, implements, and maintains secure wireless networks. They assess security risks and vulnerabilities, configure security solutions, and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data transmitted over wireless networks. This includes implementing security protocols such as WPA2, 802.1X, and others, monitoring network activity for security threats, […]

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C)RMFA: Certified Risk Management Framework Analyst (ER)

Mile2’s Certified Risk Management Framework Analyst training quantifies the process of certifying, reviewing and accrediting an information system by IT professionals. This certification is designed to provide, through its contents and referenced resources, a complete guide to establishing a certified and accredited information system in any organization. This course was […]

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