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What is A Cybersecurity Analyst?



Online Training and Certification Available


What does a Cybersecurity Analyst Do?

Our Certified Cyber Security Analyst course helps you prepare an organization to create a complete end-to-end solution for proactively monitoring, preventing, detecting, and mitigating threats as they arise in real time.

This course is fast paced and thorough, so you can enjoy a well-rounded experience. Be ready to dig deep into the details of security analysis for today’s needs. 

After completing this course, you should be able to set up and deploy state-of-the-art open source and for purchase analysis tools, intrusion detection tools, syslog servers, SIEMs.  You will be able to  integrate them for an entire organization with the goal of finding and, in many cases, preventing today’s exploits.

How Much Does a Certified Cybersecurity Analyst Earn?

Increase Earnings Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

Up to $130,000/yr

Mile2 has designed the C)CSA Exam to measure your understanding of the Work Role ID: PR-CDA-001 standard for managing information security.

What Topics are Covered in the Certified Cybersecurity Analyst Exam?

What is the Exam Like?

free 2nd chance exam Mile2 Cyber Security Certification

*  The C)CSA Exam will take approximately 2 hours.  

*  Multiple choice

*  Taken online via your account.

*  100 exam questions

*   A passing score of 70% is required to earn the C)CSA certification   

*  The certification is valid for 3 years.  

*  Certification Renewal Policies can be found at       

*  Our free “Second Chance Exam” will automatically load if you do not pass the certification exam on your first attempt.

*  Please use the unlimited practice exams and exam prep guide to prepare yourself for the certification exam.


If you do not achieve the passing score after two attempts, you will need to purchase a new exam attempt and there may be a waiting period before you can retake the Certified Cybersecurity Analyst exam again.

Am I Ready for the C)CSA Exam?

The C)CSA Exam is highly technical and the certification earned is a 400 Level certification. Therefore, a strong background in computing languages, IT and cybersecurity is recommended if you will be attempting the exam without any training. 

Click on the Icon below to see a set of 6 sample questions from the C)CSA Practice Exam.


C)CSA Flashcards

I Think I Need Some Training. What Are My Options?

There are two options for training to help prepare you for the Certified Information Systems Security Officer Exam.



1.  The Ultimate Self-Study Combo will give you 12 months of access to instructional materials as well as access to the certification exam.


2.  The Live Class is 5 days of live instruction via an online classroom.  Additionally, you will get 12 months of access to the Ebook/s, Instructional Videos and Lab Guide.


All materials and exams are accessed through your account.

What Learning Materials Come
With the Training?

1.  Ebook/s –  These online flip books have been built by industry and subject matter experts to deliver you a dynamic learning experience.  Each chapter includes text as well as infographics for visual learners.  Plus there is plenty of space on each page for notes.

2.  Videos – The videos coincide with the books with a recorded instructor going through each page and adding descriptions, life experiences, and conversational-style delivery for auditory learners.

3. Exam Prep Guide – Much like an ATC or SAT prep guide, the prep guide will briefly cover all topics and areas you should be prepared to be questioned in during the certification exam.

4.  Lab Guide – To aid you in the use of the Hands-On Labs in our Cyber Range

5.  Cyber Range Access – 2 weeks of Cyber Range access

6.  *Practice Exam – Unlimited practice exams simulate the exam environment, but beware!  The questions on the exam are NOT the same as in the exam simulator.  Often, the practice exam questions are a bit easier.  A good score on the practice exam will not guarantee a good score on the certification exam.

7.  *Certification Exam – A multiple choice test

8.  *Second Chance Exam – Should you not achieve the 70% score needed for certification on your first attempt.


* The Practice Exam, Certification Exam, and Second Chance exam are NOT a part of the Live Class.  They must be purchased separately with the Exam Combo.

Cyber Range

Labs are performed in Mile2's exclusive Cyber Range

Click here for information on the Cyber Range

The C)CSA is a Part of These Role-Based Master Certification Learning Paths

Hover over each flashcard to see the correct answer

These Devices provide a secure encrypted data store. Data enters and never leaves.


A.  Corporate Share Drive

B. Logging Server

C.  Network SAN

D. Bulletproof Vault

Correct Answer:

Bulletproof Vault

Digital evidence is classified in three categories when it comes to the presentation of that data:


A.  Bit for bit copies, physical evidence, indirect evidence

B. Inculpatory Evidence, Exculpatory Evidence, Evidence of Tampering

C.  Defense Evidence, Prosecution Evidence, Evidence of Tampering

D. Analytical Evidence, Unprocessed Evidence, Collected Evidence

Correct Answer:

Inculpatory Evidence,

Exculpatory Evidence,

Evidence of Tampering

PEiD is used to analyze malware utilizing this category of analysis:


A.  Dynamic

B.  Debugging

C.  Hybrid

D.  Static

Correct Answer:


True or False: NTA tools are able to convert raw traffic data into identifiable and possibly human-readable formats.

Correct Answer:


What is the default TTL value for Windows Packets?


A.  32.0

B. 128.0

C.  64.0

D. 10.0

Correct Answer:


Using a SIEM with Security Analytics falls into four separate Analytics Elements. Those elements consist of:



B.  BA, NAV, SOAR, External Threat Intelligence

C.  Behavioral Analytics, Network Analytics, Traffic Analysis

D.  SOR, NAV, Traffic Analysis, SIEM

Correct Answer:




External Threat Intelligence


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