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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Devotion 01

Kevin Mehok

Information System Security Officer
Week One
Assignment #1
WK1 Devotional
Kevin Mehok
This week’s devotional dives directly into Isaiah 34:16 (TLB) and I cannot help to think about the
massive amount of knowledge that has been written in the Bible, but perhaps just as
astonishing, how many people don’t know what is even in the Bible.
To start things off with a bang, knowledge in all things may be considered as ‘essential’, it is
tremendously taken for granted. We as people gravitate towards personal desire. Meaning,
we opt to learn about the things we are interested in, or like. For example, if you like a sport,
you will study it, learn all you can about it, and invest your time into it. If you do not like
something, you will not make an effort to learn more.
The brutal truth here is that Jesus is essential to a meaningful and purposeful life on earth.
Your time here is limited, our time on earth is limited. I have learned, personally, if I don’t have
a relationship with Christ, I am missing my purpose.
I am challenging my classmates to answer with real research the following:
Who is God?
Where is God?
Does he care about you?
The answer as to ‘who is God’ is simple: He is everything. He is everywhere, and in everything
all at once. God is the Creator, the Maker of all things. The question of whether or not He
cares about you and me, well, yes, He does. We were made in His image. He has provided us
with life and all that we need. He did not have to make us, but He did so because He loves us.
In-closing, God is beyond my words. My thoughts, and far beyond my comprehension. I am
honored to serve Him and honor Him.
That’s all I’ve got.
God Bless,


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