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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Devotion 03

Kelly Crooks

What a great passage from the book of Mark. Satan is always out to do whatever he can to get those who Believe in Christ to turn away from Him and go his way. I saw this happen in a church I attended for thirty years. Satan got into the church leadership and some of the congregation and tore the church in half. Satan is powerful and he has his ways to get his dirty work done, but Christ is stronger and more powerful to bring people together and unite them. While Satan can divide those in the world, God has the ability and strength to unite those families, co-workers, churches, and nations again. We must be strong, trust in Christ, and have faith that He will unite us all again. With this unity will come peace and love that He wants for all of us. We can’t give up hope and we must continue to fight and pray that that unity comes soon. In my thirty-six years of being a Christian and trusting in God, He has never let me down a single time and I have never been disappointed by hIm.


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