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Cybersecurity Certifications

Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Discussion Lesson 12

Kelly Crooks

MArcena, I thought the same thing when I read the question, it is hard to identify one specific threat that could have serious consequences for a company, as you said they all can. I agree that cyber-attacks cause significant damage to a company or organization. There are some companies or organizations that make it too easy to steal their information or data. I think that if cybercriminals are determined enough to steal that information they will stop at nothing to get it.

I agree one hundred percent with your ways that a security officer can help to mitigate or stop the loss of crucial data and information. Making sure those protocols and policies are in place is critical but also like you mentioned making sure they are tested on a regular basis helps to ensure safety. I think sometimes a company or business thinks its systems are secure and get complacent with what they have and forgets to test the systems. Then when something happens they don’t understand how or why it happened. It doesn’t do any good to have the right security measures in place if they fail at the time they are needed.


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