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Reply To: OCU C)ISSO D Devotion 04

Kelly Crooks

While I would say that I am not currently in a storm with my boat about to capsize, I, like all of us have been in many storms. I always find comfort in knowing that God is there and will always be there for me during those storms. It gives me such peace to know that in those storms when my boat was already capsized and I was about to drown, God reached out His hand and pulled me from those stormy waters. No matter what kind of storm we are facing it is important to remember that God will be there to guide us through those storms, guide us through the dark, starless nights. He is our navigational compass to get us through those storms safely, securely, and in one piece. We might be off course and our destination is not where we were headed for but God sailed with us and kept us safe. God is a loving God and wants to be the captain of our vessel.


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