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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 02 Devotion

Kevin Mehok

IST2900 Digital Forensics
Week Two
Assignment #1
WK2 Devotional
Kevin Mehok

This week’s devotional certainly hits a funky spot for me. I have not seen God, hear God, nor do I honestly know with 100% certainty that He hears me. Seriously though, with billions of people on this planet, why should God hear me. I think to think He hears me is a bit selfish. I am alive, healthy, and I am blessed. I have a good attitude for the most part, I understand the value of life, and I love my family. Without seeing, or hearing God, I know these things just didn’t happen, just because. The design for life is very deliberate, I know this work could be done by an Almighty God. His works and His creations, still to this day despite all of the world’s advancements and technology, cannot be fully explained through science. I don’t need anything else to understand His greatness.

My humanness at times does feel challenged and frustrated. I do run into the hard ‘why’ questions from my emotions in particular moments, but still, I know He is there. I get goose bumps listening to music. I cry during movies. I work hard for things that matter. I laugh when I am happy. These gifts, these remarkable sensations come from God.

That’s all I’ve got.

God Bless,



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