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      Manny Varela
      • In this course, we are learning about forensics and gathering evidence. But our relationship with God is based on faith often without tangible evidence.   Share a time that even without seeing God, you knew that God was active in your life.
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      Kevin Mehok

      IST2900 Digital Forensics
      Week Two
      Assignment #1
      WK2 Devotional
      Kevin Mehok

      This week’s devotional certainly hits a funky spot for me. I have not seen God, hear God, nor do I honestly know with 100% certainty that He hears me. Seriously though, with billions of people on this planet, why should God hear me. I think to think He hears me is a bit selfish. I am alive, healthy, and I am blessed. I have a good attitude for the most part, I understand the value of life, and I love my family. Without seeing, or hearing God, I know these things just didn’t happen, just because. The design for life is very deliberate, I know this work could be done by an Almighty God. His works and His creations, still to this day despite all of the world’s advancements and technology, cannot be fully explained through science. I don’t need anything else to understand His greatness.

      My humanness at times does feel challenged and frustrated. I do run into the hard ‘why’ questions from my emotions in particular moments, but still, I know He is there. I get goose bumps listening to music. I cry during movies. I work hard for things that matter. I laugh when I am happy. These gifts, these remarkable sensations come from God.

      That’s all I’ve got.

      God Bless,


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      I like your point that things happen for deliberate reasons.

      I believe that God puts us in people’s lives for a reason. I’ll never forget a time many years ago. My husband and I were recent college graduates with almost no money. We went to visit my brother-in-law and his family. During that trip, we went on a day trip to an island. Since we had very little money, we bought food from the grocery store and went to the beach to eat a picnic lunch. Before we left the island we spent our last money to buy a souvenir for our niece. When we got back to our car, it didn’t start (we’d left the lights on). After noticing that we were lifting the hood, etc. a man walked over and offered to jump start our car. I starting writing him a check since we were out of cash, but he refused and asked us to help someone and pay it forward. In my heart, I knew that God had helped us out of a tense situation.

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        Kevin Mehok


        I loved your story. Thank you for sharing it and I could relate to it on several levels. I do agree that God is in control and works in incredible ways.

        God Bless,


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      Kelly Crooks

      Even without seeing or hearing God, I know that He is active in my life. I am not sure that I can narrow it down to one time when I knew He was active in my life. I guess I would have to say it was when we were in a car accident a few years ago. We were driving on the highway, going uphill in late November. A woman was coming down the hill o the other side of the median. The road was icy and it was snowing a bit. She lost control of her truck, left the highway, crossed the median, and hit our van on the driver’s side. It busted out all the glass and pushed in the front bumper, front quarter panel, driver’s door, driver-side sliding door, and rear liftgate. It pushed the driver’s door in so much that the armrest was under the steering wheel. My wife and I walked away without as much as a scratch. I couldn’t see God’s hands around us or our van and I couldn’t feel Him holding onto us and keeping us safe from the harm that came, but He was there. God protected us and kept us safe that morning.

      Our relationship is based on evidence that we don’t sometimes see, hear, feel, or smell, but He is with us at all times. God answers our prayers all the time and He is still in the business of performing miracles. Just because we don’t have tangible evidence doesn’t mean He isn’t active in our lives.

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        Kevin Mehok

        Hey Kelly,

        I loved your story. Thanks for the share. As a Collision Technologist, understanding how to save lives is a key objective of my job when designment, producing and repairing vehicles. I am thrilled that you and the wife were able to walk away. There are some crashes that I see the aftermath for, and I often look up to the Heavens and ask, “How was this even possible?”

        God Bless,


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