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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 01 Devotion

Kelly Crooks

For this weeks devotion I would have to choose my dad as the person I appreciate because of their honesty. My dad is a strong Christian man who puts God first and his family second in his life. My dad has taught me everything I know about being a great father, being a great man of God, how to do the work I do, and being a good person in general.

I guess for me what I sincerely appreciate about my dad is his commitment to being faithful to Christ and being an honest man. There have been several instances in my job when I have a customer come in with a problem and they think they need a new radio or speakers or want a remote starter installed on their car. If I figure out that there was just a bad fuse, loose wire or the car already has a remote starter on it, I am honest with the customer and tell them the truth. I got that honesty from my dad. He never lied to us growing up and never sugar-coated the truth either. I find in my life that it is easier to be 100% truthful 100% of the time than to try and remember the half-truth you told and keep the story straight.

What sets my dad apart from everyone else that I have relationships with in my life is the love for Christ that he has. Both my mom and dad center everything they do in life around Christ, His word, and His love for us. I try to pass that along to my children and I make sure I emphasize having Christ at the center of their lives and how important it is to be honest.


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