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Reply To: OCU C)DFE D Week 05 Devotion

Kelly Crooks

I have to agree with Kevin on a couple of issues. We have answered this question so many times in so many different courses. Technology was an important way for us to continue to worship and attend those regular Sunday church services, especially in larger areas and larger churches that had hundreds or thousands of regular attendees. It was a way to continue our relationship with Christ and it worked very well in some areas. I will reiterate what Kevin said, this is a very sensitive topic for me as well.

There are still several churches that continue to live stream their services and there are churches that had been using this form and technology way before the pandemic even happened. I love technology, I like to see how it is evolving and changing and all of the new advances, gizmos, and gadgets that will be coming. The development and advancement of AI intrigue me a lot.

Some of the ways that churches are and can use technology are with texting. Churches can send out text reminders for special events, prayer requests, weekly prayer praises, and weekly lists of events. Social media is huge with a lot of churches as well. We as technology experts can help our churches stay up with the current trends and technology uses although some churches already have an IT team or department in place.


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