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      Manny Varela
      • During the pandemic, many churches turned to technology (e.g. Zoom, YouTube) to continue to hold regular services. What are additional ways that churches are (or could be) using technology?  How can we as technology subject matter experts help churches continue to leverage these opportunities?
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      Kevin Mehok

      IST2900 Digital Forensic Examiner
      Week Five
      Assignment #1
      WK5 Devotional
      Kevin Mehok

      Hey Class,

      I am sort of exhausted by this question. As I know that I have discussed this very question in at least 15 classes now. We all know that we had to utilize technology in order to attend church virtually, etc.

      Let’s be real, pandemic or no pandemic. We are in this online class, virtually. My complete college experience was digital. Mile2, well, this is sadly not the college experience I hope for. I am using my student loans for a program I take at work. I was angry when I learned of Mile2’s partnership with OCU. I much prefer BrightSpace and the OCU program. To me this is way more aligned with the actual college experience.

      None the less, the pandemic, yep. Older people learned to use things surrounding technology they wouldn’t have ever used. If that’s a win, great. The truth is, why did a pandemic need to occur to teach our loved ones the benefits of technology?

      This is a devotional, so please keep me in prayer this week as this is a very sensitive topic for me personally.

      God Bless,


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      I’ll look at the glass half full and be glad that you enjoyed Brightspace. You have a good point that it shouldn’t take a pandemic for us to help churches with technology.

      One thought that came to might as I read this devotional was that when one of my daughter’s was in college, she attended a church that did not have paper copies of the scripture lessons. Instead, they encouraged everyone to download an app with the readings and follow along on their phones.

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        Kevin Mehok

        Thanks Professor,

        I love learning how technology works and how it can improve or impact our lives. I am also amazed about humans of all ages can adapt. Or should I say, how they have adapted! The one element I pray that we never get away from is kindness and compassion to one another. I read so many cases of cyberbullying, but remember, there is reality bullying in the real world, too. There are false preachers in the digital realm, and in the real world. Regardless of the advances, the human discernment must never be taken for granted.

        I love digital scriptures, and the idea of saving trees, but let’s save each other, and be willing to teach those that may not be tech savvy to avoid leaving anyone behind. As big of a tech nerd that I am, I still have a human heart full of love.

        God Bless,


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      Kelly Crooks

      I have to agree with Kevin on a couple of issues. We have answered this question so many times in so many different courses. Technology was an important way for us to continue to worship and attend those regular Sunday church services, especially in larger areas and larger churches that had hundreds or thousands of regular attendees. It was a way to continue our relationship with Christ and it worked very well in some areas. I will reiterate what Kevin said, this is a very sensitive topic for me as well.

      There are still several churches that continue to live stream their services and there are churches that had been using this form and technology way before the pandemic even happened. I love technology, I like to see how it is evolving and changing and all of the new advances, gizmos, and gadgets that will be coming. The development and advancement of AI intrigue me a lot.

      Some of the ways that churches are and can use technology are with texting. Churches can send out text reminders for special events, prayer requests, weekly prayer praises, and weekly lists of events. Social media is huge with a lot of churches as well. We as technology experts can help our churches stay up with the current trends and technology uses although some churches already have an IT team or department in place.

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      I would love to get text reminders from my church. Do you happen to know what software packages that churches are using for their text messages?

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        Kelly Crooks

        Professor, I do not know, but I know who I can ask. I will find out and let you know.

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