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Reply To: OCU C)SP A Week 01 Lesson 01 Discussion

Syerra Metzler

A reoccurring theme that I noticed and never considered until listening to this chapter is the idea of following the business needs and goals. As an IT professional, it is important to adjust to the business as they are the ones that the IT technician is set to protect. A great way to check that the business’s needs and goals are met is by hiring a third-party to audit the business. Third-party audits are a great way for an outside perspective to confirm that the business is doing everything that they are supposed to do as per the law and to protect themselves from internal or external attacks that can harm the business. As a student, we are always told it is a good idea to have someone else read your paper so you are able to submit your best work. A third-party audit has the same concept. Having an outside point of view is a great way for a business to put their best work forward.


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