OCU C)SP A Week 01 Lesson 01 Discussion

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      Manny Varela

      Discuss the value of a third-party audit as well as the benefits associated towards industry compliance.

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      Marcena Davis

      As I was getting to know more about businesses, I learned about third-party audits. It’s like when someone from outside checks if everything’s going right in a company, especially if they’re following rules and standards.

      When a company does this, people tend to trust them more because it’s like a friend telling you the truth rather than you bragging about yourself. It’s like when my husband and I tell each other truths to help each other grow; that outsider perspective can make a world of difference. Plus, when companies get this kind of check-up, they often find ways to do things better. Sometimes, the advice these auditors give can point out things you might not see yourself.

      I’ve heard people say that if you have a third-party audit, you stand out among other businesses. It’s like having an extra badge of honor. Companies that go through these audits often find new doors opened for them. It’s like a safety net. If there ever was a problem, having that third-party check can be like having a backup, showing that you did your best and had someone else check your work too.

      So, in the grand scheme of things, third-party audits can guide businesses to be better and more trusted. Sometimes, the outsider’s perspective makes all the difference.

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        Yes, third party audits can be a valuable way to get feedback from an outside, unbiased source. As auditors, they often see many different ways of running businesses and can be a valuable resource to identify potential issues as well as potential ways to be more efficient. In security terms, external audits have the potential to identify potential weak areas before breaches or big issues can occur.

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          Marcena Davis

          I agree that auditors bring valuable experience from seeing various businesses. Their insights can help identify and fix vulnerabilities early on. Such audits not only boost security but also encourage a culture of ongoing improvement. It’s always better to be proactive.

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        Syerra Metzler

        Hello Marcena,

        I completely agree with your discussion post. I really liked the example that you gave with having an outside perspective. I did not consider that having an audit done is like having a friend telling you the truth about a certain topic or situation. If I remember correctly from the video lecture, third-party audits can also help with making sure that business is following to correct laws that are in place. It can be very easier for someone who works within the business to miss a very important detail by accident that could get the who company in trouble. A third-party audit is a great way to make sure the business has done everything correctly to stay out of legal trouble. Great work on this post.

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          Marcena Davis

          Thank you for your feedback! You’ve highlighted a crucial point about third-party audits ensuring legal compliance. It’s true, an external perspective helps catch overlooked details, emphasizing the importance of audits for both best practices and risk management. Appreciate your insights and kind words on my post!

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      Syerra Metzler

      A reoccurring theme that I noticed and never considered until listening to this chapter is the idea of following the business needs and goals. As an IT professional, it is important to adjust to the business as they are the ones that the IT technician is set to protect. A great way to check that the business’s needs and goals are met is by hiring a third-party to audit the business. Third-party audits are a great way for an outside perspective to confirm that the business is doing everything that they are supposed to do as per the law and to protect themselves from internal or external attacks that can harm the business. As a student, we are always told it is a good idea to have someone else read your paper so you are able to submit your best work. A third-party audit has the same concept. Having an outside point of view is a great way for a business to put their best work forward.

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        Marcena Davis

        Very true! Aligning IT with business needs and goals is crucial. Just as we ask someone to review our papers to ensure quality, businesses benefit from third-party audits. This external perspective ensures they’re compliant with laws and safeguarded against potential threats, helping them present their best selves.

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