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Cybersecurity Certifications

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A major goal that companies want to achieve is to reduce the risk of their cyber security being compromised. If that were to happen, the majority of a company’s sensitive information would be vulnerable to bad actors. Another goal that companies seek to attain is a strong defense against cyber attacks that are bound to happen. There will be no shortage of hackers or malicious individuals who want to gain access to a companies money or information that they could sell on a black market.
Threats that companies face can come in all shapes and sizes. The first threat is the trojan horse virus. This piece of malware masquerades as a friendly or legit piece of data or information, often in the form of an email. And when it is interacted with the virus will spring into action and infect the users device. The Zeus virus is particularly dangerous trojan horse virus that can spread through email servers undetected. A second threat that a company can find themselves up against is social engineering. This type of cyber attack takes place on the human level and requires bad actors to manipulate individuals to give them access to sensitive information. This be as benign to asking for favors consistently to eventually get one big favor or brash manipulation by charismatic hackers. Through proper preventative measures and security protocols being in place, companies can scan for potential virus hiding in spam emails and be able to resist social engineering of people who only want to cause harm.


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