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Reply To: OCU C)NP A Week 04 Devotion

Ashly Jackson

I am a good person and my parents raised me very well. However, it is tough to define what a good person is, but I am an example of a good person because deep down in my heart I knew I am better than anyone else. For me None of us will ever be “good enough”, save through the merits and mercy of Jesus Christ but because God respects our legacy, we also cannot be saved without our trying. That is how the balance between grace and works. I can have hope in Christ because he wants to help and change us. We help build the kingdom of God by living righteously. Individuals and families are strengthened by activity in the church. We should willingly serve wherever we are. Blessings come as we serve in the kingdom of God. Many people think they can be worthy enough for heaven by simply working harder to be better, to be more righteous, or to be more holy.


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