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Reply To: OCU C)HT D Discussion Lesson 04

Matt McShane

Lesson 4 mentions 2 different types of memory: ROM (read only memory) and RAM (random access memory). ROM is the memory, non-volatile, where once plugged into the system, it will never get be modified. Most likely needs an upgrade when it runs into issues within the boot of the system. Every time I go to boot up my system, I have a .5 second time frame to open my BIOS settings in the motherboard, and if booted properly, will show the settings in my system. RAM is much more different where it writes and reads operations in the system. As our system continues to update and change throughout the versions, the RAM changes along with. The main backside to this is where this requires more power to operate this memory whereas the power in running the ROM is more slow and less used.


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