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Matt McShane

With many examples of an input device, such as a keyboard, mouse, headset, microphone, and even a webcam, they are easy to install. Simply plug one into their respective port and the driver on the device will be picked up by the system. If, by chance, the system fails to pick up the device, the user has to manually install the input device into the system settings and fix the configurations. We as the user input actions into the pc, as right now I am typing words on my keyboard on my screen and will use my mouse to click on certain actions. When it comes to the output devices, such as displays, speakers, and printers, these are also easily able to plug into our operating system with cords in their respective ports. Monitors, speakers and printers are all devices that the pc will act to portray a result to the user. For example, the monitor displays images for the user to look at, or with the speakers, be able to hear sound/audio.


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