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Matt McShane

Two operational procedures in an organization or business are safety and the environment. We know when it comes to a workplace that safety is a must. Your co-workers’ safety is a huge priority. The air vents, ducts, and also the cooling equipment are critically important to check up on weekly, or if you’re really cautious daily. There are settings in each computer that allows us to check on the temperature of our parts in our pc, like the GPU settings, which should sit around a decent 70-80 degrees. Your CPU can sit around an ideally 75 without overheating while the graphics card can sit around 80-85 before overheating or overcooling. These temps are important to remember when actively using a PC. The environment is also important as organizations need to keep the place safe and functional. Any pc is fragile and anything that collides with it can cause damage. Wear protective gear when working with electrical equipment to keep yourself safe and keep the pc safe from harm. Any water or other fluids that come in contact with these devices can harm the ports and parts inside and outside the computer, causing malfunctions and physical damage.


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