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OCU C)HT D Discussion Lesson 13

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      Manny Varela

      Discuss at least two operational procedures and the value of implementing them in a corporation or organization.

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      Jacob Mannon

      Two types of operational procedures are environmental and safety. Environmental procedures are valuable in that they are necessary to prevent hardware from malfunctioning. We need to make sure that hardware is climate controlled and has proper ventilation. Temperature should remain between 65-85 degrees. Humidity needs to be kept between 50%-60%. Failing to meet these standards could lead to condensation, overheating, or static electricity buildup. All of these could be detrimental to hardware. Safety procedures are also very necessary. What is probably the most important safety procedure when it comes to an I.T. environment is that of electrical safety. All electrical equipment should be properly grounded, and PPE should be used when handling electrical equipment. Failure to do so could lead to equipment malfunctions or harm to the user.

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        Matt McShane

        You have a very good understanding of the procedures and processes to keep a business safe and running if they plan to use technology. It is amazing to see what can be done to maintain our computers, so they last longer than their intended lifespan

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        Hi, Grounding electrical equipment is necessary for safety, diverting excess electricity to prevent hazards. It’s a fundamental practice that safeguards both people and property from electrical risks. Grounding helps to stabilize voltage levels and provides a path for electrical current to return to the ground safely. It is a critical component in protecting both people and equipment from unexpected electrical hazards.

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      Matt McShane

      Two operational procedures in an organization or business are safety and the environment. We know when it comes to a workplace that safety is a must. Your co-workers’ safety is a huge priority. The air vents, ducts, and also the cooling equipment are critically important to check up on weekly, or if you’re really cautious daily. There are settings in each computer that allows us to check on the temperature of our parts in our pc, like the GPU settings, which should sit around a decent 70-80 degrees. Your CPU can sit around an ideally 75 without overheating while the graphics card can sit around 80-85 before overheating or overcooling. These temps are important to remember when actively using a PC. The environment is also important as organizations need to keep the place safe and functional. Any pc is fragile and anything that collides with it can cause damage. Wear protective gear when working with electrical equipment to keep yourself safe and keep the pc safe from harm. Any water or other fluids that come in contact with these devices can harm the ports and parts inside and outside the computer, causing malfunctions and physical damage.

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        Jacob Mannon

        PPE is definitely important no matter what field you work in. I’ve had various forms of PPE from time in the military and in healthcare. You never know what is in your environment that could cause you harm. Safety should always be a number one priority.

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      Data backup, network security, and regular system updates are important to avoid data loss, unauthorized access, and system failures. To establish effective procedures and countermeasures, assess sensitive data, and analyze vulnerabilities. It is important to regularly review and update security measures to ensure they are effective against new threats and emerging technologies. By taking a comprehensive and proactive approach to data security, organizations can minimize the risk of cyber-attacks and safeguard their valuable assets. Maintaining humidity levels is important to prevent hardware failure in data centers and offices. Effective humidity control means finding the best conditions for equipment while minimizing energy usage. Data centers can be anywhere from 40 to 60% humidity, with a temperature between 65 to 80 degrees you never want to go above 82 degrees, you would be risking damage to equipment. It’s important to balance humidity levels to prevent equipment failure and extend lifespan.

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      Victoria Rollins

      Two operational procedures that are valuable to implement in a corporation or organization are:

      Document Management Procedures:
      – Value: Implementing document management procedures ensures that all documents, both physical and digital, are organized, version-controlled, and easily accessible to authorized personnel. This helps in maintaining consistency, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency in information retrieval and decision-making processes.
      – Implementation: Develop clear guidelines on how documents should be stored, named, versioned, and accessed. Use document management software to facilitate centralized storage and control access rights. Regularly review and update document management procedures to adapt to changing needs.

      Disaster Recovery Procedures:
      – Value: Disaster recovery procedures are essential for mitigating the impact of unexpected events such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or system failures. By having a well-documented and tested plan in place, an organization can minimize downtime, protect critical data, and resume operations swiftly in the event of a disaster.
      – Implementation: Identify potential risks and threats to your organization’s operations, prioritize critical systems and data for recovery, create a detailed disaster recovery plan outlining roles, responsibilities, and steps to be taken during and after a disaster. Regularly test and update the plan to ensure its effectiveness.

      Implementing these operational procedures in a corporation or organization can lead to increased efficiency, improved data security, better risk management, and enhanced overall resilience in the face of unforeseen challenges. By establishing clear processes and protocols for document management and disaster recovery, businesses can operate more effectively, protect vital assets, and ensure continuity in the long run.

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