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OCU C)ISSO D Devotion 02

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      Manny Varela

      MARK 2 – SICK

      [W]hen Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” Mark 2:17

      In this present age, many claims to be religious. They go to church. They play Christian music. They participate in church functions and events. Despite claiming they know God, they live no differently than the world. When Christians are to live in victory, many of them are engulfed in sin, living in a state of defeat, depression, and sadness.

      This epidemic of “carnal Christianity” has sadly become the standard norm in Christendom as we observe a sinful ideology infiltrate the churches today. And how are the churches responding?… Small spiritual morsels of elementary bible devotions and superficial songs with very little biblical doctrine. While this is a good start, the house of God should be actively preaching against sin, holiness, righteousness, and accountability.

      The results are apparent; a sin-sick church with desperately sick Christian children – manifesting very little spiritual fruit.



      If you are a confessing Christian and living a cardinal and superficial lifestyle, then your diagnosis is likely that you are spiritually sick.

      Christian, If you are in this circumstance, my friend, it’s time to give up. Stop fighting God and give up on Him. Give yourself to the great physician and let Him doctor your spiritual sores and shoulder your insurmountable burdens. RPF

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      Marcena Davis

      It is disheartening to see many claiming to know God but living no differently than the world, leading to a state of defeat, depression, and sadness.
      I believe that striving for holiness and accountability is crucial, but we must also remember to rely on God’s grace and mercy in times of struggle. It is essential to surrender ourselves to the great physician and allow Him to heal our spiritual sores and lift our burdens.
      As Christians, we must aim to bear spiritual fruit and live in victory. While it is a good start to have elementary bible devotions and superficial songs, churches should actively preach against sin and teach biblical doctrine. Let us all strive to live a life that pleases God and spread His love to those around us.

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      Kelly Crooks

      The sad reality of this devotion is that both of my brothers have fallen into this “carnal Christianity”. It is sad to see them profess to be a Christian and claim to have Christ in their hearts but to live the way of the world and no different to those who are not Christians. I continually pray that they will both find their way back to the Great Physician to be healed spiritually and to give their lives back to Him. God is here for us and he wants us to come to Him when we are in need or suffering. I have always had the belief that if a non-believer sees us during the week doing and living the way of the world, why on earth would they want to be a Christian and give their lives to Christ? I have attended several churches where this was preached from the pulpit, but not lived out in the congregation or the minister. You can’t preach about changing your ways and giving up your sins, accepting Jesus as your savior, and being born again and still continuing to do the things of the world. You cant play church on Sundays, continue to sin during the week, and then ask for forgiveness again on Sunday. Yes God will forgive you, but He knows you aren’t sincere in your repenting and asking for forgiveness. I am not sure if there will come a time when HE will stop forgiving those people but you have to know you aren’t a true Christian and that your chances of going to heaven are slim. I believe that it is time that our nation turns back to God and trusts in Him to make things right. We all need to give ourselves to the Great Physician.

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      Kevin Mehok

      IST3100 Information Systems Security Officer
      Week Two
      Assignment #1
      WK2 Devotional
      Kevin Mehok
      This week’s devotional is about Romans 10:9
      Intellects and faith, such a beautiful combination. Recently, NASA put the latest and greatest telescope
      ever created into Space. They are able to see things that they have never seen before. During footage
      of this spectacular moment, a report asked one of physicists “to explain what he saw.” He answered,
      “We see a dark matter that we have never seen before. In fact, I do not even know what we are seeing.
      My understanding of the solar system, the Big Bang Theory, everything, has changed. I don’t know.”
      We have learned about our solar system through our understanding, our theories, and our scientific
      studies. Yet, one new bit of technology has shaken everything. Science claims to be knowledge based,
      yet as soon as a new discovery has been made, we must re-think everything. That the difference
      between Faith and Science, as faith cannot be shaken. As faith, cannot be simply explained. God cannot
      be fully explained. Faith can only be trusted and obeyed; whereas, science has to be tested and tried.
      I felt this goes well with this week’s devotional. We are to trust God, despite not being able to explain
      God. His Creation may never be fully explained, yet here we are. The more I learn about science, the
      more I understand faith.
      God Bless,

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