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OCU C)NP A Week 03 Devotion

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      Jessica Jagerson


      “Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.” (Matthew 18:8)

      This controversial Bible verse by no means is instructing someone with a vice that relates to their hands or feet to cut it off. Instead, it is speaking figuratively; if something in your life is contaminating or destroying you, it is better to cut it out of your existence rather than accommodate it to your self-destruction.

      With our technological age, the internet has sadly become the medium of so many destructive vices. There is a multi-facet of online social media platforms with our peers glued to media channels consuming every waking minute of people’s time.

      There is soft porn easily accessible to our youths, destroying their innocence and ravaging their souls with false expectations and a thwarted understanding of what love is.  In many cases, these addictions break up families and destroy their personal lives.


      Are you under the weight of an addiction that is destroying you? My friend, cut it out of your life. Take whatever it is and cut it out of your life. Sometimes in life, the answer is to end these controlling things, cold Turkey.

      Ask God to give you the strength to cut it out of your heart and replace it with obedience, His love, and God’s eternal blessing.

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      Ashly Jackson

      I do not have any bad addictions and I am good mentally and physically because of God’s blessing. I pray, eat healthy foods, workout every weekday, and do many positive things to keep me occupied. My parents never let me do any terrible things and they taught me very well. One answer is that God calls us to a relationship with Him through obedience. By following God’s call to care for this earth, we can learn more about Him and expand our understanding of His heart and desires for our lives. Obedience also leads to personal growth. And in return, God will bless us forever in heaven, free from sin, temptation, and hardship. Jesus is important to us because through His Atonement, teachings, hope, peace, and example. He helps us change our lives, face our trials, and move forward with faith as we journey back to Him and His father.

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      This verse weighs heavy on my soul for many reasons that are quite personal. But what Christ says is true, it is better to cut off a part of yourself and cast it away than to allow your whole self to be cast into eternal damnation. The kingdom of Heaven should be what we seek first and our desires should come second in every scenario. I strive everyday to live in the freedom that was bought for me by Jesus Christ and to not waste that gift of freedom from addiction He died for on the cross. Everything is covered by His blood alone and I owe it to Him to live my life for Him for what He did for me.

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      Amy Hastings

      I personally do not have any bad addictions, I try to stay positive and remove any bad or negativity from my day. With God’s guidance I find it very helpful to do this. I have never done anything that I would consider an addiction, I grew up not to do anything like this since some of my family does have some sort of addiction, I have never wanted to go down their path. So yes, I take everything negative and think of all the good that could come out of it. God’s love has taught me to always do the right thing and for me this is to not take on any types of addiction, I know the consequences of it and God has showed me examples of what it can do to someone, so for this I follow God’s words and keep living knowing I have God’s love and guidance everyday.

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      Aaron Elliott

      I recently gave up smoking, as I was short of breath all the time and it was consuming all my money. I prayed to God for the strength to give it up and I have been almost a year at this point with no nicotine at all. I feel much better and thanks to the Lord I have the strength to never go back.

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