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OCU C)NP A Week 05 Devotion

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      Manny Varela


      3 And he went out about the third hour and saw others standing idle in the marketplace, 4 and said to them, ‘You also go into the vineyard, and whatever is right I will give you.’ So they went. Matthew 20:3-4

      The Bible teaches that humanity is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). In doing so, God created us for His glory and His kingdom for His purpose. He has predetermined a unique work, very specific to each person (Ephesians 2:10).

      Although this is the case, many Christians are, spiritually speaking, “idly, standing around in the marketplace” while pursuing finite goals towards superficial ends. While many of these carnal objectives have their place in this world, much of it is like burnt-up chaff in the wind, having very little value in God’s kingdom.

      While God has called us Christians to be fruitful and work in his vineyard, in this case, God’s kingdom, many of His saints are sadly occupied idly in a world that has monopolized their time, talents, and treasures.


      You have been created for God’s purpose. He has called you for His glory. And for every saint, God has predetermined a spiritual work, “before the foundation of the world, to walk in it.”

      Do you know Him? If so, Christian, it’s time to start working in God’s vineyard during the day “for when night comes, no man works.”

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      Ashly Jackson

      Like sheep who know their shepherd, so the children of God, who are the sheep of God’s pasture, will know the voice of God as the Good Shepherd (John 10:27). As we spend time praying to God, waiting on Him, reading and listening to His holy words in the Bible, we begin to know His voice. Like sheep who know their shepherd, God’s children, the sheep of God’s pasture, will recognize God’s voice as the voice of the Good Shepherd (John 10:27). As we spend time praying to God, waiting on Him, and reading and listening to His holy words in the Bible, we begin to recognize His voice. Jesus took pity on them and touched their eyes. They could see it right away! Then they followed him. So Jesus took pity on them and touched their eyes. Immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Jesus. Jesus had humble beginnings. Jesus was born into a carpenter’s family and came from a poor family of day laborers. This means that Jesus knew what it was like to live in poverty, to be hungry, to be destitute. Although Jesus is the Son of God, He chose to come to earth as an ordinary human being, just like you and me.

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      Amy Hastings

      I do know God as he is my lord, I understand that what I have been given I gained from God’s path for me. I believe we are all put here for God’s purpose as he gives each of us our own, never the same for any two people. I will continue to be in God’s faith and follow the path given to me by him himself. We all hear God speaking to us even though it may not be in words physically but by reading in the bible and or going to church and praising God and his word every Sunday morning. I am also glad that we get a day to worship him, I believe God is always with me in or out of church for he has lead me down my path so far and will continue to do so until I meet him some day in my future of good living. But his voice would be even stronger towards me once that day comes and it is honestly a beautiful thing to think of it this way.

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      God has blessed me in many ways and gifted me with abilities that I owe only to Him. It is up to me to hone these crafts and to offer my best to God for His glory and to spread the message of His love to humanity. This applies to all the children of God, you are special in your own way, according to God’s design and you owe Him everything. He loves us enough to die for us and forgive us of our most degenerate sins. The least we can do is to bear the image we were created in.

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        Love this!! You are so right! We have to do everything for Him!

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      Aaron Elliott

      God is my Lord and Jesus has saved me from sin. I have lived my life without working toward God’s plan, but furthering my education has given me a closer connection to God and what and why I beleive in my Christian faith. I look forward to my future by being an active member of God’s kingdom.

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        Hi Aaron.
        Keep learning. He is guiding you!

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      Joseph Doss

      It is very different at times to see my God-given purpose, but I do know Him. Sometimes I think I’m on the correct path but honestly don’t know, I can only pray for guidance and look to find it.

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        That’s all we can do, Joseph. I think everyone wonders if we are following His path.

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