OCU C)SP A Week 05 Devotion

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      Manny Varela

      Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6

      In this world, there is everything for the flesh. We can fill our stomachs with every sweet treat under the sun. For the flesh, we can bathe our bodies with ointments of every kind, from the top of our head to the sole of our feet. The world compels us to fancy beauty, stardom, and wealth; filling our temples with every carnal glory under the sun.

      And yet, no matter how much we serve our bodies, the appetite of the flesh continues to be unsatisfied.

      Why may you ask? Because in this world, there may be everything for the flesh, but there is nothing for the soul. For in this world, we aren’t born into the land of the living, but of the dead. And in this land, it leaves the soul destitute, wanting, and grossly deprived.

      This spiritual vacuum deep within man can only be satisfied by the life-changing power of the creator God. And for those who “hunger” and “thirst” after God’s righteousness, “shall be filled”!


      Oh, there is so much in this world that we can fill our bodies with. Therefore, let us be wise and fill our spiritual pantries with God’s will. Let the saints of God feast on His word and drink of His spirit, for incredible blessings, await them who pursue God’s eternal righteousness

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      Marcena Davis

      Matthew 5:6 encourages us to seek righteousness with a deep hunger and thirst. In this world, we can satisfy our physical desires for food, beauty, and wealth, but these pleasures don’t satisfy our souls. That’s because our spiritual needs can only be fulfilled by God’s transformative power. Those who earnestly seek God’s righteousness will find it.
      In a world full of physical temptations, we should prioritize filling our spiritual selves with God’s will. Let’s dive into His word and seek His spirit, for amazing blessings await those who pursue God’s eternal righteousness.

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        We can get so focused on our food and material things that we forget to nurture our soul. Just this morning, I learned that one of my cousin’s daughters got engaged this week. In the post, they had sweet pictures of the future bride and groom (as well as the ring), but they also asked for God’s blessing on their life together. What a great way to start an engagement! I hope they continue to nurture their relationship with God.

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