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OCU ISCAP A Week 01 Lesson 01 Discussion

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      Manny Varela

      As a Systems Security Officer, why is risk management important?  Be sure to address the importance of protecting assets, measuring the threat to those assets, and how the controls address the level of risk.

      Use at least three of the terms discussed in this chapter in your response.  Use the text and examples from the video in your response.

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      Aaron Elliott

      Risk management is important since managing threats to assets is actively protecting a company’s valuable information. Threat agents, which could be a person who seeks to steal data or a malfunction in a system, could halt a company’s ability to do business and potentially put the company out of business. Working with management is the first step to evaluating acceptable risk and the costs willing to be spent to prevent critical data from exposure. Risk comes in the form of poor patching schedule, not enough training, among other reasons. Controls are set in place to countermeasure obvious flaws found in risk assessments, like firewall implementations and new access restrictions.

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        Hi Aaron. Good use of the terms. That’s important to learn this. How are you doing with the information in the videos?

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