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OCU ISCAP A Week 03 Lesson 09 Discussion

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      Manny Varela

      In reviewing the challenges of different topologies, choose two types of topologies and discuss how a security officer could work with these challenges so that they minimally affect the company.

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      Aaron Elliott

      Ring topology has all users connected to one another in a ring style connection. The issue with ring topology is if one node is defective then the whole topology is unable to send data past the defective node, as a signal ring set up sends data in one direction. A work around for this issue would be a dual ring topology. The second ring would provide redundancy and availability, so when one ring fails the other nodes can still receive data via the additional ring.

      Partial mesh topology allows for failure in an area of the network and allows for communication between the remaining network, but any other device in the failed sector will not be able to communicate. The better option would be to go full mech so that every device is connected in the network, allowing for fault tolerancing when one device goes down, no other device is affected.

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