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OCU ISCAP A Week 04 Devotion

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      Manny Varela

      MARK 4 – COMMAND

      “And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him.” Mark 4:41

      One day, the disciples of Jesus decided to set sail to travel to the “other side” of the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee is the second-lowest lake in the world, at levels 200 meters below sea level. Because of its depth, the sea was prone to violent winds as the valleys and hills would harness the elements creating wind-like tunnels.

      As the disciples were sailing, suddenly, they found themselves in a “tempest of wind” – a “great” violent storm. The sky darkened, and a rolling thunder began to echo through the valleys as the rain descended from the heavens. Lightning filled the sky as it struck violently around the little ship; furious gusts of winds began to “beat” the little fishing ship, tossing it to and fro. The boat appears doomed as it is on the verge of being consumed. The disciples begin to cry out loud for deliverance.

      All the while, in the middle of the tumultuous storm, Jesus is sleeping nestled peacefully inside the ship. The disciples are beside themselves as they shake the Lord Jesus awake. They cry, “Master, do you care that we are about to perish.” Jesus, with the greatest authority, hushes the winds. Immediately, the great tumult, the life-consuming upheaval, subsides…



      My friend, are you presently in a storm, and the waves of the sea are overwhelming you? Be not afraid; God is the master of even the greatest of storms. For it is God who “establishe[s] the force of the wind and measure[s] out the waters when He made a decree for the rain and a path for the thunderstorm” (Job 28:25-26). God governs when the storms come and go, when they are stirred and when they are to  subside. At His command, “even the wind and the sea obey him”!

      Are you in a mighty storm, and your boat is about to capsize? Then cry out to God; he is ready to sail with you and give you “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, [and] will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Philippines 4:7). RPF

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      Aaron Elliott

      I was always taught that God would not hand you more than you can handle, but there’s plenty of times that it feels like there is no hope. I understand now that I am not meant to handle life’s challenges alone but ask for Jesus to be with me and pray when I feel hopeless. I beleive I have made it where I am in life thanks to Jesus and my beleif in him.

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      I believe that Jesus walks with us through everything. We will always encounter things that are insurmountable, but HE is with us! If we lean on Him, we will get through anything.

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